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Traits That Made Us The Best Web Analytics Company in New York, United States

Top-Notch Web Analytics

We establish effective and thorough web analytics services for businesses indulging with google algorithms to generate revenue in millions.

Fast & Precise Website Audits

With an experience of over 50 years, we create fast and precise audits of websites to solve problems and enhance usability .

Constructive Web Optimization

We continuously conduct market-friendly web page optimization to rank our partners at the top, adding up to their net profit.

Integrated Reporting Facility

We help you evaluate by establishing reports to track progress and check the overall performance of your website with relevant data

Progressive Tag Management

We unify your data sources through efficient tag management to attract more relevant interactions, making it easier to manage deployments

Increased Referral Traffic

Over time, we make sure to immensely increase your referral traffic and prevent a considerable amount of bounce rate.

Web Analytics

Analytics Measure Online Traffic,
We Help Understand User Behavior

Our unique approach is verified to provide you with quality assurance. We provide you with authentic data and help you avoid quality issues by showing increased confidence in your data. We use the most genuine techniques of quality assurance. Prior to publication, we perform regression testing to check that any changes to the website have not affected the data.

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Best Web Analytics Company in New York, United States

Our team gathers necessary data from your online assets by using advanced Web Analytics Tools to evaluate and improve your online presence. Our latest Web Analytics Tools also help your business emphasise and collect the performance indicators needed to attract more prospects, boost sales, increase customer engagement, and elevate customer retention, which can be the key to fulfilling your targets. It is always the right time to use Website Traffic Analysis services from ‘AZ Tech IT Solution’.

Traffic Analysis

We analyse your entire incoming and outgoing traffic data to offer you the best web analytics solution.

Attention to Bounce Rate

Calculation and maintaining the bounce rate for your website are necessary to hold your patrons engaged. Making an exciting landing page and engaging content can help you improve this.

Grow with Google’s Algorithm

Google Web Analytics Algorithm is predominant in cyberspace. All our website audits are done following Google’s metrics to ensure the best results.

Heightened Conversion Rate

A thorough calculation of the Conversion Rate is required to improve it. Proper web analytics is necessary to do it.

Increase Average Time Spent

Calculating and increasing the average time spent on pages and average time spent on the website is necessary to increase customer retention.

Quality Results

Find The Right Audience And Optimize Finest
Marketing Campaigns


We help you attract immense traffic from referrers, building a meaningful & positive relationship.


We measure your outcome with authentic tools to create a basic metrics of your visits, referrers, bounce rate, & conversions

Call To Action

We track whether your CTA is compelling enough, and produce data as it plays an integral part in conversion.


We help you attract immense traffic from referrers, building a meaningful & positive relationship.


We measure your outcome with authentic tools to create a basic metrics of your visits, referrers, bounce rate, & conversions

Call To Action

We track whether your CTA is compelling enough, and produce data as it plays an integral part in conversion.


SEO & Marketing


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Google Analytics


Off Page SEO

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If properly conducted, Website Traffic Analytics can track all your multi-channel online marketing activities and even include your offline activities, with proper use of that data you will drive in more customers. 

The main objective of website analytics is to make your website and other digital assets look more appealing and accurate to your customer needs. 

Some of the most important website traffic analysis metrics are, Number of Visitors you get every day’, ‘Bounce Rate’, ‘Average Pageviews your website gets per Session’, ‘Duration of each Session’, ‘Average Time Spend by a User on each Page’. Highest Traffic Source, ‘Traffic Driven from which Devices or Device Source’, Number of Interactions per Visit and Exit Pages.

A web analytics tool is a digital equipment by which you can generate a clear view of all the web matrices in one place. Example: Google Analytics.

The importance of web analytics in digital marketing is limitless. From strategy building to customer retention and even ad-campaign planning, all require proper web analysis even to begin.

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AZ Tech IT Solution Web Analytics Services?

More Traffic

Unmatched thorough website analytics will bring more traffic to your website to boost your sales.

Best Web Analysts

We have a large dedicated team of web analysts and management team with the best and most talented people from the industry to ensure you always receive optimal performance from us

Improved Marketing Plans

Only quality websites can keep your business afloat in the fierce digital marketing era. With our power-packed and accurate web analytics and digital marketing plans, you will enjoy better R.O.I.

Attractive Website Design

After conducting a thorough website traffic analysis, we will find the problems for which you are losing visitors and customers, and we will fix them in no time.

Customer and Visitor Retention

After our experts perform a thorough analysis, we will also find out the mistakes in your website drifting your customers out and fix those issues for better customer and audience retention.

Tailored Marketing Strategies

Different clients with different businesses require different solutions. We provide the best fitting strategies.

Escalate Your Business Success To New Heights

Explore the latest and unexplored trendsin digital marketing, web/app development and graphic designing services. Our prolific team of technical experts will bring your business more customers, traffic, and prospects and prosperity.

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